Buying a Habitat Home

For over 40 years Habitat for Humanity has built over 3 million homes across the country. Locally Habitat continues that legacy by partnering with individuals and families in our community making no more than 60% of the area median income making homeownership not only a reality but affordable. Our partnership with a family or an individual is to build and sell an energy efficient home with age in pace features at COST. Partner families are required to contribute sweat equity hours helping keep labor costs down.  Partners also complete  required homeownership classes to name a few include, budgeting, insurance 101, and home maintenance.

Currently Caroline Habitat is seeking applicants for our next round of builds. To qualify you must have lived or worked in Caroline County the prior year. For more information please attend one of our interest meetings scheduled for. If you are not able to attend the group interest meeting a one on one meeting can be scheduled. Minimum credit scores may be required.

Accessibility Program
As a person ages or in the event of an accident or a major medical crisis often a home can become a prison instead of a sanctuary. Two or three steps can sometimes make it impossible for a person to enter their home without assistance. Using volunteers, electricians, and plumbers when needed Habitat can help a person gain independence by building ADA approved ramps, widening doors, and bathroom modifications. Caroline Habitat reviews all applications to determine if the applicant is a good candidate for various grants for individuals with disabilities, if no grants are available Habitat and the applicant can discuss other options including referrals to other state and national programs. Based off of funding Caroline Habitat can sometimes offer zero interest loans to those that can make small monthly payments.
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Home Repair Program
Home Repair

Home maintenance and repairs can be expensive. Often senior citizens, the disabled, and many others have a hard time affording regular maintenance and repairs. Using the same methods as our new home program Caroline Habitat offers affordable home repairs such as repairing steps and decks to allow safe access, roof replacement or repairs on one story homes, door and window replacement, painting, and various other repairs. In addition to major repairs partnering with youth groups Habitat volunteers clean gutters, powerwash, and rake up leaves in the fall. If your youth group would like to serve this fall email

Need a repair?

Applications requirements

At or below 50% ami

Own your home(except for yard clean up or wheelchair ramps)

Willingness to partner with Habitat volunteering 4-12 hours

Ability to locate and secure funding (subject to loan and grants that are available)
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