Volunteering with Caroline County Habitat for Humanity:

Caroline County Habitat for Humanity could not operate without volunteers, volunteers serve in every capacity of our organization from Board of Directors to swinging hammers on a project site. All volunteers are required to fill out a liability waiver, if your under 16 you must have your parents permission.

Volunteering is easy as 1, 2, 3.

Volunteering as an individual:

There are a lot of opportunities for individuals at Caroline Habitat. To volunteer on a project site simply register at Volunteer up Here. Create a username and password; fill out the interest form, and then you can sign up for projects. No experience necessary as we always have a skilled site supervisor training and ensuring everything meets code. Volunteers on construction sites must be at least 16 years old. If you are interested in serving on a committee or Board email admin@habitatofcaroline.org

Volunteering as a group:

Habitat loves working with groups, often when we know we have a committed group we can undertake larger projects. No experience is necessary as we always have a skilled site supervisor training volunteers, ensuring everything meets local codes, is safe and making sure all have a great time. To discuss options for your group email admin@Habitatorcaroline.org

What to expect when volunteering on a project:

All volunteers are required to sign up through the Volunteer Up Volunteer System. Volunteers either groups or individuals will meet at a project site at a predetermined time. Once there a trained site supervisor will conduct a project orientation, this includes site safety rules, laying out the day’s goals and training to complete the day’s tasks. Task are typical construction site work things like framing, roofing, installing flooring, painting and landscaping.